Delaware Valley Tesla Owners Club

What is a Tesla Owners Club?

A Tesla Owners Club is a community of owners and enthusiasts committed to advancing Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Club members help advocate for Tesla by supporting legislative efforts, offering test-drives, volunteering at shows, educating new and prospective owners, hosting social events and passionately referring friends and family to explore Tesla ownership for themselves.  

How many Tesla Owners Clubs are there?

There is a global network of Tesla Owners Clubs which are sanctioned by Tesla which also provides oversight of the Club Program. These official Clubs can be found in the Global Owners Club Directory. There are currently 106 clubs worldwide in 24 countries with greater than 74,000 members...and these numbers continue to grow. It is estimated that soon 1 in 10 Tesla owners will be a member of a Tesla Owners Club

Why do I have to pay annual membership dues?

Membership dues pay for Club insurance (a requirement in order to organize events involving cars) and club operating expenses like maintaining the website. Please support our volunteer efforts by supporting us as a member!

Do all events require a membership to attend?

It’s the club's desire to promote electric vehicles, so certain public events are offered without a charge and do not require membership. However, social events and some volunteer opportunities will be available only to members.

What does it cost to become a member?

There are several levels of membership to suit different budgets.  They are described on the Join us page if you are not currently a member.  If you are a member, they are accessible via the member profile under the 'Membership Level' section by clicking on the Change link.  A further description of the membership levels is also found here.

Who can join?

Membership in official Telsa Owners Clubs is limited by the Global Tesla Owners Club Program to owners of Tesla vehicles or those with a valid reservation number. 

Why are you asking me for my VIN?

We ask for your VIN as part of your membership application in order to verify your eligibility to join the club with Tesla. Reservation holders are also eligible, but must provide a valid VIN after delivery in order to remain a member. VIN numbers are kept safe and private. 

Can I join if I live in … ?

Our Club covers the Delaware Valley including the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan region, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern and Central New Jersey, the New Jersey Shore, and Delaware. The Central New Jersey Tesla Owners Club chapter is run as a part of the Delaware Valley Tesla Owners Club. Owners from other regions can join if there is no club in their region (for example Northern New Jersey) and they wish to participate in our Club's events. Owners can only be a member of one official Tesla Owners Club. 

My partner/spouse is already a member but I want to add them to my membership bundle.

During the transition to our new membership system, if your partner/spouse is already in our database then you will not be able to add them to your membership bundle yourself.  Please contact us with the name and email of the person you wish to add and we will do it for you.  That individual can then log into the system to update their profile.

What are typical events like?

Our club meets at least monthly for various social, educational or public outreach get-togethers.  There are many opportunities to get involved, meet like-minded people and make new friendships, and provide community service. We are particularly proud of our First Responder education program called "Tesla Crash Course." 

Check our event calendar to see all of the currently planned events..but keep checking back because new events are being added regularly.

Delaware Valley Tesla Owners Club is a 501(c)7 Not for Profit and is the licensed owners club by Tesla, Inc. for Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.  The club Logo and word mark are used under license from Tesla, Inc.

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